FiberFORCE. Strong. Comfortable. Lightweight. Aesthetically pleasing.

The high tech solution for all full dentures and repairs..

Do you find that your dentures break easily due to shock? This is NOT because it was made incorrectly but because the acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile.

To correct this, there is FiberFORCE!

What is it?

FiberFORCE is a strong, aesthetically, comfortable fiber reinforcement system that can been incorporated into your new dentures!

FiberFORCE is a unique technology using impregnated specially-treated E glass fibers coated with a resin that bonds to the acrylic resin used to make dentures.

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Why FiberFORCE?

  • It is biocompatible and esthetic

It is completely integrated into the denture and virtually invisible

  • It is strong and lightweight

Because of FiberFORCE, dentures can now be made thinner, lighter and more comfortable

  • It is fast and easy

FiberFORCE process offers reliable and consistent results using specialized equipment and a custom technique that has been learned by your dental professional. There are no delays when making your dentures

FiberFORCE is ideal for dentures over implants, denture repairs and adding teeth to existing dentures!

Come in today for a consultation to see if FiberFORCE is right for you!