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all care denture clinic





all care denture clinic



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Dentures in Richmond, Abbotsford and Maple Ridge


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Looking for the Denture Repairs in Richmond, Abbotsford and Maple Ridge?

Lily Li established her clinic in 2007. She has since been providing denture services in Abbotsford, Mapleridge and Richmond. She is able to provide complete dentures in, partial dentures, implant dentures and has further added in the latest digital denture technology to her practises.

Always following the newest technology, our offices provide 3D printed dentures, digital dentures and intra oral scanning to provide the best and most accurate results for patients.

Now, her daughter, Liya has joined the practice as a registered denturist. She is excited to join the family business and carry on the tradition of helping Lily’s patients. Liya is focused on all things digital.

Come in for a free consultation and intra-oral scan to discover what your options are today!

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all care denture clinic

Why should you get dentures?

Tooth loss:

  • The jaw bone may shrink up to 70% in the first year of tooth loss
  • The gum tissues become thinner and thinner over time
  • In the lower jaw, the nerves may become exposed to the surface of the jawbone, because they are only protected by a thin layer of gum tissue.

Results of tooth loss:

  • Dentures become sore
  • Dentures become loose
  • Sore Jaw Joints
  • The collapse of Facial Profile
  • Inability to speak properly
  • Inability to chew and taste foods
  • Loss of self confidence and enjoyment of life
all care denture clinic
all care denture clinic

How we can help

Implant Dentures Treatment in Maple Ridge, Abbotsford and Richmond

Implant retained dentures work very good as a retentive system. The denture is stabilized, which prevents it from moving sideways. However, it does not provide any up/ down stability to the back part of the denture. Food can still be caught underneath and the denture still rests on the gum tissue. In very thin jawbones, the exposed nerves can also be pinched by the denture. Implants that are not connected are more likely to fail and should not be put to function until after 4 months of healing.

Implant Supported Denture

Implant supported dentures are completely supported by the implant structure. It consists of 4-5 implants connected by a gold bar. This is a stronger system. With the right technique, it is not difficult to make this system function immediately. This system also provides better lip support and reestablishment of the facial profile. Upper dentures can also be stabilized in a similar manner.

We Help Improve Your Existing Dentures:

  • We can remodel them to make them fit you better
  • We prevent food from getting trapped underneath your dentures
  • We can minimize denture movement during speech
  • We create your dentures according to your facial contour
  • We can provide a soft liner under denture surface like a cushion, to prevent constant pain
  • If your denture breaks easily, we can use precision techniques to provide a more stable and functional denture
all care denture clinic
all care denture clinic