Implant dentistry has evolved into CAD/CAM and digital technology that will ultimately result in fixed and removable implant prostheses with superior material, quality, and esthetic restorations.  All implant systems are produced with computer technology at the highest level of precision.  Today, abutments and frameworks are...

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You must clean around each MDL fixture with a conventional or electric toothbrush to keep debris and bacteria from accumulating on them, just as on real teeth.  They won’t hurt your fixture. but may cause irritation to the surrounding gums or prevent your denture from...

MDL: Miniaturization: The beginning of a new technological era. As in many aspects of medicine and technology, the art of miniaturization can offer a host of new and exciting advantages.  This is especially true for denture wearers, who are often plagued with a multitude of problems.  MDL Implants are dental implants scaled down to a smaller dimension with a modified self-threading pilot tip.